Day 3

From the moment I woke up this morning time felt like it went slow. Hearing my phone vibrate next to me, knowing he is calling pushed a hole in my chest, but I still didn’t answer it.  I know it will snowball into something just as painful later. Just has I was feeling better, I am back to square one. Food escapes me as well. Lost weight the past 7 days. I’m trying so hard to function, but I can’t get enough  space to stumble back onto my feet. If he wants me to “let go” and be friends eventually I need time. I can’t be like him and be BFF 24 hours after having a hole punched in my heart.  I’m so tired. Everyone is in some way been telling me, to ignore him right now. That I will need to force space in between us. For my own sanity and health. Especially, if this is what he really wants. I can’t give him a time when I will be “over him”.  Love is something you don’t get over in 24 hours. No matter how many times you lie to yourself and stories you tell yourself repeatedly, love isn’t a game.


You don’t wake up  one day and stop loving someone. You don’t go from, “You are my everything. I love you so much”, to “I don’t love you anymore like that. I have feelings for someone else” over night. How sick and cruel does someone have to be to do that to someone? Can someone please explain, why people do that? Why? I am begging someone to help me understand. Shit, or was I just sooo stupid and gullible to TRUST him and believe in him. A good woman can be so jaded and hate love for all that it’s worth. Hell, I can see why people give up on it. The pain as no words. It just stops time as your body eats itself to survive. You try to find air so you can feel your chest move again. I guess you can say it’s like being held under water. Where everything is blurry and you’re struggling to move to reach the surface for air. Even if you manage to reach the surface, swimming for land is going to be rough. The waves are like the up and downs of life. They hit hard, and even sometimes drag you back underwater again.


I do know what I am worth. I see it. It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to first, swim my way to land to stand so I can walk the path I need too. Right now I am just hanging on to realize I need to eat, but food right now is something that is on the path of letting go. An the realization of that is just painful. God, I have a long path a head of me. So, here goes nothing…





Day 2

Besides my body feeling like it has gotten hit by a mack truck, I woke up feeling I got this. Yes, I have my up and down moments, but it’s a start right? No matter how many promises were told to me even all the way up to yesterday, you take things one day at a time. Just right now, fighting an illness (with fever) do to being so stressed out and depressed can keep you from being on top of things. I should be resting and sleeping, but I am sitting here with my headphones on drowning  out the world, but I am sitting here spilling out to the world that I am hurting so badly, but shit, I am trying. I SWEAR!

I am trying to not believe anything anyone tells me right now, cause my mind can’t deal with trying to filter out the truth. OK,  I am lying, its my heart that can’t filter out the truth. My mind is all for picking through the truth with fine tooth comb. I’m just so exhausted. Just too stressful and painful. I don’t know how people can live with themselves with how they are with people. How they can look at themselves in the mirror everyday and think of cruel things to do to someone they claim are so in love with (and still are). I just don’t understand. Am I just gullible? Stupid? Someone please explain to me, why people are this way? Why promise and say things that can linger in a person mind and heart (specially in women) for a long time, and rip it all away? Then expect you to understand their reasons and answers, even though they don’t make sense and contradict everything they ever said and done.

I know the type of person I am. Let me list them for you all:

1.) I am kind (to kind apparently)

2.) Loving

3.) Sexy

4.) Smart (even though I get hurt in believing in people)

5.) Pretty

6.) Strong

7.) Forgiving person (even though I need to stop that, I think)

8.) Dreamer

9.) I have a big heart

So, someone tell me, why would someone want to break all that down? Number 6 on the list is right now trying hard to stand it’s ground, but it keeps getting hammered. Even the strongest person, falls to their knees and screams out in pain. Anyway, I am going to try to rest now and  see if food wants to agree with me right now.